What happened to Shiro when she was in boarding school?

Whatever happened to Shiro and Anthony and William in those missing years. When they grew from children to young adults?

Here is one incident from Shiro’s life:

1963 June, Colombo Sri Lanka

The British missionaries had established the Methodist boarding school in Bambalawatte in nineteen ten. It was supposed to represent a little seaside oasis of old England in the busy hot and humid capital of Sri Lanka.

A sturdy brick wall six feet tall separated the school from the coastal railway line and the shimmering blue of the Indian Ocean. The wall was topped by razor wire and broken glass – presumably to keep undesirable elements out of the boarding school compound rather than prevent the girls from escaping!

The building closest to the wall was the two-story boarding-student’s dormitory. A wide veranda ran the length of the dormitory on the sea side. On the ground floor were dining room, study rooms and music rooms as well as the principal’s quarters. The classrooms, tennis and netball courts and playground stretched back from this building to Galle Road.

It was five forty five on a school day morning…. You can read the chapter in the attachment below

1963 June Shiro in boarding school