Shiro’s letters to ‘Ann’ Ashley-Cooper

Shiro’s letters to ‘Ann’ Ashley-Cooper


At the end of the novel ‘Empires Children’ Shiro tells Anthony: ‘I can’t wait to show our children the letters Ann Ashley-Cooper wrote to me’

What were these letters? Read about these here:

Ann’s Letters to Shiro when Shiro was in Boarding School

The smell of fresh baked bread tickled Anthony’s nose.

The ornate little metal table on the veranda was covered with a handmade lace tablecloth. The monogrammed crockery and silver cutlery neatly arranged. The poached egg was cooked to perfection and the home-cured ham juicy and pink.

Picking up the fork, Anthony studied the Ashton crest. He pushed the egg around on the plate. He stabbed the thin white skin of the poached egg and watched the rich red yolk erupt. Damn his stupid vagrant heart. Two months and he was pining for her like some lovesick teenager.

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